Diamonds in Bohemia (twinni_two) wrote in nerdylikeme,
Diamonds in Bohemia

been meaning to post this for months.

my sister and i were just sitting on our school bus when some git who just so happened to be asian, started pulling louise's hair. (just teasing strands out not like yanking it) so she told him to stop it and then when the (who just so happened to be asian) girl sitting next to him piped up and said something (i cant remember exactly but it wasnt very nice) lu called her a stupid cow. they started squawking about us being racist to asians (hello? who started it against two white girls? we aint racist here) when a couple of boys at the back of the bus shouted out:

"oi, dont mess with them, theyre clever!"

which shut them up.

a proud moment.

for once, a nerd actually wins a fight by being a nerd.
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