robYn (snoopydancer) wrote in nerdylikeme,

i less than three my nerdiness.

+ Books I love and wish were real: The EU of SW.
+ Movies that are so good they make me want to shout:Movies in general tweak me out.
+ Your weirdest habit: scratching my ears.
+ Songs you're not ashamed to sing loudly in your car: Songs. I have no fear or shame of singing loudly in my car whatever is on the radio at the moment.
+ Are you a #1 fan of anything or anyone? Oh, yes, so much.
+ Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins? Oh, the choices. Book or Movie version? The book version of Frodo is so very unlike the book Harry Potter, but the movie versions are very similar
+ What's the last nerdy thing you've done? Refered to myself as a level 500 Emo-Paladin.
+ Would you order your coffee in a fake British accent if I did, too? yes. Or even in a snooty New England Accent.
+ Wanna dance? I can't dance.
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What's the EU of SW? Sounds interesting. Or at least worth a read.
Also welcome! I am Hannah :D
omg your icon is hilarious, Eu of SW is extended Universe of Star Wars. It was more obscure than say "I wish there were truly a middle earth" and such.

hi, Hannah. Thanks for the welcome.
emo paladins are crusaders of slit wrist justice.
and worthy of love.

and for danceing, everyone can dance, just not everyone can dance well.
but when it comes to the floor, lift up your arms and work for more,

now if you wish i will dance the dance of nerdiness, and flail my arms as if i was haveing a seizure.

welcome to our ranks, my name is neeek. (pronounced nik.)
Ah, the dance of nerdiness looks much like the dance of shame.

Nice to meet you.
some would say that shame and nerdiness are the same.

i disagree.
Sorry, i t wasn't meant as an implication that nerd and shame are synonymous it was simply a reference to a television show. I couldn't remember the other dances numfar was to perform, only the shame. becuase i remember thinking I dance a little like him when i stick my arms up and attempt it.
Can't dance?! CAN'T dance?!

; )

CAN'T Dance.

Thank you.
I'm a little below level 500 so you can be my mentor.

welcome! I'm Ney :D