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Are YOU nerdy like me?

i was uncool before it was cool to be uncool.

Nerdy Like Me
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Image hosting by PhotobucketAre you socially awkward?
Sick of "nerd" communities that are just cool kids who just SAY they're nerds but really are popular?
Sick of rating communities? ( ew ).
Nerds of the World, Unite and Take Over!

Introduction Form for the Socially Akward
(making the first post easy)

+ Books I love and wish were real:
+ Movies that are so good they make me want to shout:
+ Your weirdest habit:
+ Songs you're not ashamed to sing loudly in your car:
+ Are you a #1 fan of anything or anyone?
+ Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins?
+ What's the last nerdy thing you've done?
+ Would you order your coffee in a fake British accent if I did, too?
+ Wanna dance?

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